Don’t buy HP DV series laptops they suck

Just had an irate customer come to me with a laptop that I repaired recently.  An HP DV 2000.  There is a known fault with the graphics chip on these laptops and they’ll overheat and come loose on the main board.  The only real way to fix them is to re-ball the GPU chip to the motherboard however this does not always work due to the poor air flow in the laptop.  Anyways it safe to say stay away from the HP DV series laptops they really are awful.

The laptop I repaired has developed the same fault lucky for the customer a 3 month warranty is provided on all hardware repairs so he’s safe in the knowledge that I’ll repair the system again for free.  But who’s to say it’s not going to fail again!  Well my advice – sell it on eBay and get a different model of system.