Free online file storage benefits

I recently signed up to a website that allows you to store your personal documents, files, pictures and music online. I though I’d discuss it here as there are great benefits to the service and it’s free.

We repair laptops and computers in in your city and are always seeing computers with faulty hard disc drives. The hard disc drive is the part inside your computer or laptop that stores all your files. Unfortunately for 85% of our customers we have to inform them that there has been a hard disc drive failure on their computer or laptop. This means all the information stored has been lost. The only way to recover those files is to send the data of to a specialist. Who can charge hundreds as a special procedure is required to extract the data off a faulty hard disc drive and has to be worked on in a clean dust free almost surgical environment. Occasionally we can recover the data with our own hardware tools however as mentioned the majority of the time it can be costly.

To avoid costly mistakes I always recommend backing up data to a blank DVD once a month. This is probably the cheapest method of backup as a blank DVD can hold quite a lot of information and is an easy process.

However most of us are lazy it comes to backup of my home computers. The solution is an online storage facility such as drop box, which is free. What is really great about drop box is that you can use the system on any computer, anywhere with an internet connection. This means you could be at work in the office and have a file you want to take home to work on.

If you’ve got the drop box installed on your computer all you have to do is save the file to the drop box folder and it can be accessed from anywhere, securely.
computers repair and upgrade laptops in in your city we also like to recommend handy free computer services and cheap solutions to problems.

Anything IT we can help. If you’d like help setting up drop box feel free to call us. This is something we can do remotely with no call out charge.