iPhone Screen Repair – The Computer Tech’s next income source

I was recently talking in a great online forum to fellow computer and laptop repair technicians about how Laptops and PC’s are now a thing of the past.  One fellow member came out and said he was making great money from iPhone Screen Repairs.

This got me thinking – almost everyone now has a smart phone over a certain age/income bracket.  This of course tails away at the other end of the spectrum with the older generation but that middle market is where the money is at.

There is not an hour in the day goes where I don’t see someone clutching at their iPhone updating their facebook or checking emails.  My work college then mentioned to me that his daughter just dropped her iPhone last night and managed to crack the iPhone screen.

Things have now started happening in my mind thanks to both these events for the fellow computer technician and my work college mentioning his daughter.  Only two years ago my neighbour also came to me with his iPhone – i think it was an iPhone 3Gs and showed me the screen that he’d managed to crack.

Well my mind is now working overtime as this is truly the next big income generator for IT Repair people.  You see the iPhone is an expensive bit of kit and unlike other phones when the screen has been cracked or damaged people will not be inclined to go out and buy another iPhone due to cost. They will be looking for their iPhone Screen to be repair repaired.

Okay so I’ve done many laptop screen repairs over the course of the last 3-4 years but iPhones are a completely different ball game.  Where do i start?  How do I learn how to repair an iPhone screen?  The experts will tell you to go to ebay and purchase a few dead or faulty iPhones to repair however there is a problem – faulty iPhones go for quite a bit of money on ebay and I hate unnecessary expenses.

The plan is to offer an

iPhone screen repair

service and learn as I go.  This is exactly how I did it with laptop repairs.  I had a great understanding of hardware on normal desktops but had never had to swap out a laptop screen or take one apart.

I think my skills as a laptop repair engineer will transfer over quite well to iPhone repairs.  I am in two minds about this though as mentioned in a previous article I am now working back full time for someone else so I may just outsource the iPhone screen repairs to a proper company and take a cut on the commission for passing on the leads.

Anyway stay tuned for an update

If you are looking to have your iphone screen repair done by a professional please visit our sister site.  “The Steve Jobs Repairs Service”

Update March 2018:

I’m now researching how to repair iphone screens and see how much it would cost a technician to fix an iphone.

Here are some pretty informative videos if anyone is thinking of offering this service to their customers.