Laptops, which is best?

I repair quite a few laptops. From my experience I get more faults with certain types of laptops. Most companies will not publish which laptops are better than others when it comes down to reliability.

This information is crucial because laptops are expensive to repair. Anyway here is the list the higher on the list the more I see of them!

  1. Hewlett Packard (HP) – Dead laptops that will not power on, this is a common fault.
  2. Compaq – These are actually just rebadged HPs, Compaq was bought out by HP a number of years ago.
  3. Toshiba – Dead laptops again usually due to overheating.
  4. Sony – various faults and more expensive to repair as parts have to be ordered direct by Sony.
  5. Dell – I like dell but they do sometime go – usually the screens but are easy to repair and cheap to fix to
  6. Packard Bell – owned by Acer sold in PC World – Don’t see too many of these but that’s probably because PC world customers go to PC world to get fixed – (who are a rip off for laptop repairs £239!!)
  7. Acer – I used to sell laptops in Comet and always shy’d away from Acer but can honestly say I’ve never had to repair one due to a fault that was not down to the customer (smashed screen/virus etc.)

So there you have it Acer coming out on top for reliability. There are together makers of laptops, Samsung for example. I have one of their netbooks which is starting to act up due to a dodgy laptop screen. However they have not been producing laptops for long so I can’t really comment on them. Hope this list helps if you’re choosing a laptop in the January sales.