The most common laptop repair issues?

There is a whole list of problems that arise with laptops.  As we are one of the very few laptop repair companies in in your city we thought we’d draw up a list of the 10 most common laptop repair issues.

  • Smashed screen: this is the most common accidentally inflicted issues with a laptop.  Usually happens with the user picks up the laptop by the screen and not the base.
  • Broken power connector: over time the power jack on most laptops will wear out.  Sometimes the power connector (also known as DC jack) will be yanked and a new connector is required.  After the laptop battery has run out usually the laptop is no longer useable until this repair has been undertaken.
  • Hard disc drive failure.  This usually happens over time however if the laptop gets knocked or bumped this can also cause the laptop to hard drive to fail.  A new drive is required in some instances and total backup restore of the data is provided onto the new drive.
  • Sticky or missing keys: the keyboard is also another laptop component that can fail.  Usually keys become unstuck from the laptop.  On some occasions something sticky has entered into the laptop and the keys get stuck.
  • Liquid spill!: this is the worst type of damage.  If you have spilt tea, coffee, wine, beer, water in fact any type of liquid on your laptop turn it off, remove the battery and turn the unit upside down so no liquid can enter into the motherboard/CPU.
  • Viruses: Sometime free anti virus software just is not good enough we quite often have to fix laptops in in your city that have free anti-virus protection already installed or even worse the big names like Norton or Mcafee stay clear of these and get a good anti-virus package.
  • Dead laptop: quite often this can happen if a laptop has overheated, there just is no life or lights from the laptop.  However there are a few known issues with certain models of HP and Compaq laptops where the laptop will power on briefly then die.
  • Slow laptops: this can the cause of a combination of problems, poor ventilation to the laptop components including CPU or graphics card.  In some cases it’s due to fragmented hard disc drive or the system running out of RAM.  And in older machines over time Windows will start to get slower.
  • Faulty CD/DVD Drive: When the CD or DVD drive stop working – usually caused by a dirty disc however the optical drive’s motor sometimes just fails.
  • Wireless not working: a common issue usually caused by the wireless switch in the laptop being turned off however it can sometime be due to a hardware malfunction with the laptop.