Virus Removal

I’ve recently been contacted by a competitor that also repairs computers and laptops.  He’s been asking me a few technical questions about how I go about removing viruses off of laptops and computers.

After some discussion with him it’s quite clear I’ve got the better system in place and I hope he starts to use it as it will be beneficial to him and his customers.

When a virus gets on your computer it can quite easily take over your system.  There are tools that will remove viruses from your computer or laptop.  However the best way to remove a virus is to wipe the system back to factory settings.

My competitor was using these virus removal tools, with something like 5 tools and each virus scans taking 2 hours he was spending 10hours+ to remove a virus off someones computer, luckily he was not charging be the hour.  The problem with this system is that it does not guarantee the virus is removed off the system.  As the tools he is using need to be updated constantly for new viruses to be detected.

The process 100% guarantees virus removal and you’ll have a faster computer after we’ve undertaken the work.

The process involves backing up all your data, this includes pictures, music, emails and documents.

We then format the hard drive in the system, this wipes the computer off all data.

We then re-install the Windows operating system and system drivers.

We active the copy of windows with Microsoft to re-instate that it’s a genuine copy.

Then transfer all your data back onto the system.

When were are finished your computer will be running quicker, and 100% virus free.  This is because we take it back to factory default settings, the only disadvantage to this process is that you will have to re-install any software that you use on your computer.  This is things like word/excel/i tunes, but these are usually just a download away and a few mouse clicks.

This process of virus removal is beneficial to the customer and us.  It takes a lot less time, usually 2 hours instead of 10!  And the laptop/computer will be running faster.  Also no viruses!

We can also recommend good anti virus software.  Too many times we see people running free anti virus software or bad anti virus software, and the system still gets infected.

So get protected!